Considering car paint protection for your new car?


Paint Protection adds assurance to protecting your new car, possibly one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life so it is important to choose a product that you know will serve its purpose and do as advertised. There are many forms of Ceramic Paint Protection products on the market, most of these are based around nanotechnology and ceramic formulas. These ceramic nano particles bond to your cars paint work to protect it indefinitely from all sorts of hazardous contaminants that would ruin the finish on your beautiful new car. After all, protecting your assets will insure they uphold their value so when it comes to sell your car the resell value will be much greater.

How exactly does car paint protection work?

The coating cross links with your new cars factory paint work, this strong bond occurs by the carrier solvents in the coating fusing a strong matrix structure with your paint, this adhesion ensures your car is protected, and adds a layer of security. Ceramic Coatings are new technology but have proven their worth by taking over the automotive industry and demonstrating how durable they are in all climates across the world, from the freezing snow in Europe to the desert sun in the Arizona.

Can I do it myself?

Paint Protection should generally be left to a professional applicator that has been trained by the product manufacturer, applying a ceramic car coating is not as simple as applying a wax to your car. Preparation is very important and without proper preparation the coating will not work as it should. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when applying paint protection such as the air temperature, the humidity and other conditions. These all play a part in the application process and a trained professional will know the correction techniques in these conditions.

Of course there are DIY version out there, these coatings generally are not as durable as the big brands and application is slightly easier, however if you want the best of the best it is usually advised to get it applied by a professional car paint protection applicator, this will ensure longevity and a superior finish on your new car for years to come.

Why does car paint need to be protected?

Car paint has come a long way over the years as car manufacturers discover new technology, however car paint is still susceptible to impacts from the environment like bird droppings which can blemish the paint and cause serious damage to the painted surface.

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