Super-Hydrophobic Water Beading

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Why do i need Paint Protection?

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Paint Protection for Cars

You are in the car dealers showroom. You have just agreed to purchase a brand new car. You are happy that you have negotiated a great price and you have shaken hands on the deal with the salesman.

He invites you to sit down in order to fill out the paperwork. However, before he does so he starts talking to you about car paint protection.

You’re thinking, Hang on. I’ve just bought a brand new car. Why does it need its paint protecting? Is there something wrong with it?

You may be relieved to know that there is nothing wrong with the paint on your shiny new vehicle. However, when you drive it out of the showroom it is going straight out into the Australian weather and, unless you have a garage, that is where it is going to stay until either you sell it, or it comes to the end of its life. Protecting car paint on new cars is simply common sense.


There are two or three things that weather can do to your car’s paint. First, the ultra violet rays of the sun can cause oxidation and premature fading of the paint in a similar fashion to the damage that can do to your skin. The sun in Australia can get extremely hot.

If you live near the coast, you will often find on a windy day that the car is covered with salt which has been blown off the sea. If you park near the water’s edge your car can get covered in sea spray.

Nanotechnology Paint Protection

Nanotechnology Paint Protection For Your Pride and Joy

Nano Ceramic Paint Protection For New Cars..

The automotive detailing industry has grown by leaps and bounds from the time when waxes provided the best shine followed by sealants that provided better longevity and protection. A relatively new field of chemistry has led to greater advancements in surface care in recent times, in the form of coatings and nano paint protection, that is proven to offer far superior protection than waxes and sealants.

What Is Nano Ceramic Paint Protection?

Nano Ceramic paint protection uses nanotechnology to provide coating solutions for car paint, windshields, chrome surfaces, wheels, lights and just about any automotive surface. It also provides liquid repellent protection for upholstery and seats. The purpose of the technology is to provide better, longer lasting protection to protect your vehicle from contamination and keep it cleaner for longer. A website that provides new car paint protection in Sydney is Superior Shine, and you can find out more by clicking here.

With the help of nano ceramic based coatings, the paintwork is protected by a unique formula of nano ceramic particles. The coating is will not add increased shine, but repel dirt and offer excellent water-repelling capabilities, which is the highlight of this type of coating. Because the nano protection is an extra layer of hard coating over paint, it can only be removed by abrasion. It also typically helps reduce swirl marks that can occur by regular washing.

There are several options for protection that can be bought as a package or separately depending on the needs of the owner.

- Paint Paint Protection

Nano ceramic paint coatings for car paint repel dirt, water, harmful chemicals, dead insects, bird droppings and other contaminants that increase the need for regular cleaning. It increases weather resistance, water resistance, resistance to corrosion and even protects the paint from UV rays. Protection offered by paint protection coatings will help keep the cars paint cleaner for longer and reduce the frequency of cleaning. This technology is usually recommended for new cars, but can also be used for used vehicles providing the paint work has been prepared properly.